Order of Operations


Original post from 2017 Order of operations used to get right on my wick. I used to hate teaching it. Mainly because I did it really badly. Just by showing it and going 'but it's a convention! It's needed for other stuff!' The problem with the order of operations isn't the operations themselves, but it's in their … Continue reading Order of Operations

Powers: Bits and Bobs

I posted this question to Twitter from the recent mock exam our year 11s did for further maths. It's lovely. The 30 'feels' wrong, and it's a perfect question to demonstrate how at a certain point, mathematically, we've just got to pootle off and see what happens - something I find low prior attaining students … Continue reading Powers: Bits and Bobs

Reasoning With Angles in Parallel Lines

Reasoning With Angles In Parallel Lines ResourcesDownload The first image below is designed as a prompt for identifying equal corresponding angles. I chose to use this as it begins to get pupils filtering information, a key feature of the previous angles posts in this series. In presenting this image to pupils, it was important to … Continue reading Reasoning With Angles in Parallel Lines