Reasoning With Angles in Parallel Lines

Reasoning With Angles In Parallel Lines ResourcesDownload The first image below is designed as a prompt for identifying equal corresponding angles. I chose to use this as it begins to get pupils filtering information, a key feature of the previous angles posts in this series. In presenting this image to pupils, it was important to … Continue reading Reasoning With Angles in Parallel Lines

Gradients on Grids

Gradients on Grids ResourcesDownload This post is the second that outlines activities and approaches I've taken in the sequencing of our KS4 curriculum. This is not intended as an optimal sequencing, nor is it complete. This collection of tasks and prompts are things I've made that I couldn't find elsewhere. Following on from the previous … Continue reading Gradients on Grids

Reasoning with Subtraction and Multiplication

Reasoning With Subtraction and MultiplicationDownload This post follows on from my previous post on exploring area models with grid method and is a continuation of reasoning around operations with some tasks I've made to further break down grid method components based on specific areas my kids have been struggling with. To begin with, I wrote … Continue reading Reasoning with Subtraction and Multiplication

Exploring Area Models and Grid Method

Exploring Area Models and Grid Method ResourcesDownload This post contains a variety of tasks I've made to use at different points with nine mixed attainment year 7 classes while looking at multiplication. Eight of these classes I share with another teacher, so classes have used some/most/very few etc. of these tasks as appropriate and in … Continue reading Exploring Area Models and Grid Method

Text in Mathematics: Measurement

Measurement Language ResourcesDownload This is the first attempt at bringing in longer pieces of text to provide context in my curriculum planning. Currently, the pages linked above take place within a booklet format (primarily due to covid restrictions limiting the use of textbooks, printing own resources daily/weekly etc.). This is in no way optimal, or … Continue reading Text in Mathematics: Measurement

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten ResourcesDownload Physical ManipulativeDownload Strips for SlidingDownload I made the resources photographed below by laminating the 'Physical Manipulative' sheet, slitting down the edges to thread through the strips and then printing and cutting up strips from the 'Strips for Sliding' sheet. For most classes, it was enough to physically … Continue reading Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten